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The Financial Times is universally acknowledged as the world's definitive business newspaper and is the flagship of the Financial Times group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pearson plc, the international media group. Its team of over 400 journalists across 5 continents presents political, economic and business news from a truly global perspective.

Since its foundation in London in 1888, the FT has kept its readers up-to-date on vital world business, financial, economic and political news. Now as then, its editorial policy is to present authoritative, accurate, insightful news and analyses, which are both objective and impartial.

Today the FT is printed at 22 print centres around the world, and, with over 1.6 million readers world-wide, is the first daily newspaper to sell more copies abroad than in its original home market.

As the most authoritative source of international news, comment and analysis, the Financial Times is required reading for decision-makers and opinion-shapers around the world.

The FT newspaper - What's in it for you...

The Financial Times now has 4 international editions to serve the needs of its readers in the UK, Continental Europe, the US and Asia, plus its award-winning website FT.com.

The European edition of the newspaper is distributed in Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa. It is printed Monday to Saturday at 5 strategically located print centres across Europe, as well as South Africa and Dubai.

Covering far more than just finance, the Financial Times gives you daily insight and information on the events and developments likely to affect your business.

Thanks to its extensive network of correspondents reporting from all the political and commercial nerve centres of Europe, the FT is widely regarded to be the authority on the European Union, the euro, and European corporate news.

Its aim is to sift through the ever-increasing sea of data and select information which is pertinent to you, edit it to give it a sense of priority, meaning and context - and deliver it in a timely and convenient way.

In short, the FT provides you with all the information you need to make the best decisions for your career, your business and your investments.

Inside the Financial Times

The newspaper is designed with the busy executive in mind so its clear structure takes you straight to the information you need. Section 1 of the weekday FT covers the latest world news with comment from expert columnists and thought-provoking analysis of the causes and implications of political and economic events. Section 2 focuses on international business news, company news and market data. The newspaper also features more than 100 surveys each year, which are included free inside your daily FT. The Weekend FT, published on a Saturday, provides entertaining and in-depth features on the arts, travel, sport, current affairs, fine wine, and much more.

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: Your Daily Briefing on the State of the World  

For a concise briefing on the day's international affairs, start with the FT's daily coverage of major news and business events as they happen, including:

-World News - the most comprehensive coverage of current affairs from our world-wide team of over 400 journalists. Reporting from political and commercial nerve centres around the globe, our correspondents bring you outstanding local expertise combined with a global outlook. With regional pages covering Europe; the Middle East; Asia Pacific; the US and Canada and Latin America; plus a dedicated section on International Economy, the FT's reach and expertise not only covers the world's hotspots, but also includes developments and trends unavailable from news sources elsewhere.
-Comment & Analysis - unique insights and opinion from FT experts and special guest contributors drawn from leading businesses, politics and academia.
-The highly acclaimed and influential LEX column - expert opinion, interpretation and analysis on topical world business, economic and market activity - on the back page every day. The effect of a word here can be felt in markets around the world...
-International arts pages with intelligent reviews of books, music, theatre, exhibitions and festivals around the world.
-Special interest topics including law and business education on a Monday, plus the weekly supplement FTfm, a bible for fund managers covering topics such as corporate governance, the pensions crisis and the rise of hedge funds. Management, media and business travel appear on a Tuesday, plus articles and columns on technology every Wednesday. The FT's features encompass marketing and recruitment on Thursdays, while every Friday you can read about science and health.

: Where Money Talks and the Financial Times translates  

The FT's global financial coverage is unrivalled and relied upon by financial professionals the world over. The Companies & Markets section provides authoritative news articles, analyses, market reports, statistical tables and more. And the convenient sector and company index allows rapid access to information which effects your business.

- International Company and Finance News - our journalists examine the companies and people that move world markets. From banking and telecoms to media and leisure the Financial Times gives you the latest strategies, tactics and trends of the companies making the headlines.
- International capital markets, commodities and bond prices. The 'Short View' column by Philip Coggan appears from Tuesday to Friday and offers opinions and analysis on what is driving global equities, bonds, commodities and currencies.
- The European Comment column debates the public policy and strategic issues arising from company news and provides sharp comment and pithy judgements on the business and financial issues of the moment across the continent.
- World Stock Markets - Share prices from the FTSE,NYSE, NASDAQ and Amex, comprehensive index futures coverage, world share price listings from 31 other countries.
- Managed fund service listings
-Currencies, bonds and interest rates- focusing on foreign exchange and world money markets.
-World Equity Markets providing the latest trends and data from more than 50 national markets at a glance and presenting winners and losers by company, country and sector.

FT reports  

The Financial Times brings you more than 100 high-value single-topic special reports and surveys on different countries, industries, investment opportunities, technologies, and more… It's world-class research in an easy-to-read format.

- The Special Reports cover a huge range of topics, including technology, healthcare, property, finance, business and industry.
- The World Reports give you an in-depth survey of individual cities, countries and regions.
- Management features focus on areas such as Education and Training and the 'Mastering Series'

Click here for further details and to download a list of forthcoming reports.

Weekend FT  

Saturday's edition sets the news agenda for the following week and is packed with thought-provoking and stimulating articles on big issues and interesting people. You can check on your global investments or relax with the latest in worldly pleasures, sophisticated styles and culture. Enjoy the most intelligent writing on everything from food and fashion, travel and technology, arts, books and hobbies.


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